Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Times They are A-Changin' - Campbell for Louisiana Governor

Four days ago, I got in my car and made an hour long trek to Shreveport, Louisiana, to pick up campaign signs and bumper stickers from Foster Campbell. On the trip up I passed more than a few cars with bumper stickers bearing the name of President Bush and one of the candidates for governor, Bobby Jindal. I could do nothing but shake my head in shame and hope for a chance to pass them up so they could get a peek at my own bumper stickers. My own car is like a walking advertisement: one sticker lists the name of my college, another reads "No you can’t have my rights, I’m still using them," and my favorite "Impeach Bush." As I drive along in my car, I get a few people flipping me the bird, yet surprisingly enough, I get far more people giving me a thumbs up. Maybe Bob Dylan is right, the times they are a-changin’.

Now I have one more bumper sticker on my car. Foster Campbell for governor.

Louisiana is well known for our dirty politics. Probably our most well-known race was the 1991 governor race between Edwin Edwards and David Duke. The campaign came down to one motto: Vote for the Crook, It’s Important.

While we may not have a race between a crook and a racist, this election is profoundly important to Louisiana. After Katrina, we need real leadership from our governor, we need someone who is going to get things done and help our state rebuild.

That’s why I’m throwing my support behind Foster Campbell.

Someone like Bobby Jindal simply cannot be allowed to represent Louisiana. After the corruption of William Jefferson, we need someone who will be strong on ethics reform. Yet Jindal voted to weaken house ethics during the Tom Delay scandal, one of his first votes in office. Jindal put partisan politics over the honor and integrity that is supposed to be represented in Congress.

But I digress since I am here in attempt to tell you why the Daily Kos community needs to get behind the candidacy of Foster Campbell.

You might have heard of two little Louisiana communities, Mink and Shaw, in the news a few years ago. For nearly 40 years these two areas petitioned local, state and federal officials and telephone companies to get phone service. Campbell got that done.

After Katrina, Campbell persuaded the Federal Communications Commission to give $39 million so that Katrina evacuees could receive cell phones and minutes to get in touch with family, friends, and business associates.

Campbell lead the Louisiana Public Service Commission to study the potential for energy production from offshore windmills. Offshore Louisiana has vast potential to develop clean, renewable energy from the placement of wind turbines on outdated offshore oil rigs.

Foster Campbell has represented our state for twenty seven years in the state Senate and for almost five more years in the Public Service Commission.

Louisiana has a history of minor candidates coming from behind to take the governor’s seat. Just look at Mike Foster a few years back. Just because Jindal seems to have it wrapped up now, doesn’t mean it’s over for good.

That’s where you come in. To steal the Emily’s List motto, "Early money is like yeast – It makes the dough rise." You can donate via paypal or send in a check via snail mail here. If you live in Louisiana, you can email them to volunteer or pick up signs and bumper stickers.

It's time for a change in Louisiana and this isn't a time to sit still and do nothing.


Anonymous said...

I ran across this post when I was looking for something else, and I came to the conclusion there were only two possibilities: (1) it's either an attempt at extremely dry humor, or (2) you don't know diddly about Foster Campbell.

With Edwin Edwards in prison, Foster holds the title as the foremost shakedown artist in the state... and you want him to be governor? Ask your candidate, who while running for PSC decried how his opponent took money from the industries he regulated, how much money he's taken from telephone and energy companies. Hell, Foster can't even abide by road signs, what makes you think he'll follow any other law?

Anonymous said...


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